Open Water Referral

The Open Water Referral Program is for students who have already started the course at their home base anywhere in the world. These students will have finished Academic training, Classroom Review and pool training with a dive shop other than Orlando Scuba and need to finish the Open Water training portion of certification and wish to do this in the beautiful waters of warm & sunny Florida.

Completing the classroom and confined water pool dives at home allows for plenty of time to have mastered academic and confined water skills. This eliminates the need to study or feel rushed while on vacation. Most referral students tend to have a very competent grasp of dive theory and basic water skills as opposed to those that try to “cram” studying in to limited vacation hours.

  • Referral Pricing $399 per student

    • This class will have 3-6 student divers
    • All SCUBA equipment needed for the course (BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator with dive computer and compass) are included.
    • Students must provide their own Mask, Fins, Boots & Snorkel.
  • Gold Referral Package includes everything above plus a 1 day Boat Diving Experience $499 per student

    • Boat trip will be arranged at a time that works for both the student and instructor.
    • All boat instruction is done through our partnership with Stuart Scuba
  • Private Referral Pricing $699 per student

    • All SCUBA rentals are included (BCD, Regulator with gauges, compass, wetsuit and tanks).
    • Discover Nitrox is included for boat dives at no additional cost
    • This class works on a customized schedule organized by Orlando Scuba and the student diver.
    • Please contact the store to arrange for a Private Course.