rebreatherA rebreather allows you to maximize your bottom times by allowing your gases to be constantly blended for the best gas mix at any given depth. It’s like having your own gas blending tech shop right on your back!  A rebreather allows you to rebreathe your exhaled gas by scrubbing the carbon dioxide out and adding in the needed oxygen to keep you at a constant optimum partial pressure. Another side benefit is that you will release no bubbles on exhale, so for photographers this means you will be able to be closer to wildlife that would otherwise be frightened of your bubbles. Because you will use less gas from this process, your fills will be a fraction of the costs they used to be! Orlando Scuba will teach you the science and technology behind the rebreather and how to safely operate it for your dives. Give us a call to find out more information on this course, what models we train with and how to purchase one of your own.

  • What We Teach:

    • Rebreather History
    • Technology comparisons
    • Proper scubber packing
    • Systems maintenance
    • Predive checks
    • Rebreather Science and Physiology
  • Course Requirements:

    • Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) certification
    • 20-50 logged dives (depending on agency)

Minimum Age: 18+