Mexico Trip – Nov 2019

Part of the second longest barrier reef in the world, Puerto Aventuras offers
uncrowded dive sites, rich with lush coral gardens with cuts and canyons
ranging from 40ft to 130ft in depth. There is an abundance of marine life
including friendly hawksbill turtles – a favorite with divers – moray eels,
lobsters, puffers, spadefish, parrotfish, and angelfish, to name a few commonly
seen. And don’t forget your macro lens to get a close-up of a seahorse, arrow
crab, or coral banded shrimp!
Minutes inland, the cenotes (pronounced say-no-tay, meaning “sacred
well”) are the most famous cavern/cave system in the world. They were
created naturally over 6,500 years ago, and are filled with crystal clear, fresh
water, opening to a vast system of underground caverns, tunnels and
chambers. No advanced training is necessary for certified divers who want to
explore the cenotes as we will have a certified guide, and the routes are
bathed in natural sunlight. This is a dive experience not to be missed!
We will also be touring the Coba Ruins by bicycle – a fun way to see the
ancient Mayan ruins. Join us Thanksgiving week for some fun in the sun!