Enriched Air Nitrox Certification

The Enriched Air Nitrox Course is our most popular specialty course. This course gives you more No Decompression dive time. That means you’ll be able to have more time on the bottom to enjoy what you learned in our Open Water Class or Advanced Open Water Class. You’ll meet with your SCUBA Instructor for a 2 1/2 hour classroom session to learn the principals of Enriched Air diving.

  • Basic Enriched Air Nitrox $129

    • This class has 4-10 students
    • Techniques for getting more no-decompression dive time using Enriched Air Nitrox
    • Enriched Air SCUBA equipment management
    • Enriched Air dive planning
    • Using your dive computer in its Enriched Air settings
    • The importance of tracking your oxygen exposure
    • How to use an Oxygen Analyzer to measure the oxygen content in your SCUBA tank
    • Planning the best Nitrox mix for your diving depth
    • The use of dive tables and equivalent air depth tables