Responsible Underwater Hunting and Collecting

Looking to catch your own dinner? Our Hunting/Collecting specialty is just right for you. This course provides you with the basic stalking, hunting, shooting and collecting techniques you need to be effective and safe underwater. It also touches on basic Fish Identification and Local Law as it pertains to spear fishing and lobster hunting in Florida.

Responsible Underwater Hunting and Collecting $249

  • Prerequisites:

    • 15 Years Old and Older
    • Nitrox Certified
    • Advanced Open Water Certified
    • Minimum of 30 logged dives
    • Current appropriate Florida Fishing License
  • Includes:

    • Classroom Training with an Instructor
    • 1 Two-Tank Dive Trip
    • Florida Fish Regulations Pamphlet
    • Tuition & Certification Fee

One additional guided dive trip is available at a special cost to further perfect your skills.