Technical Diving Courses

Orlando Scuba offers Technical Diving Courses for those looking to further their diving career with more challenging activities. We offer classes that teach the use of different gas mixes and decompression so you can dive deeper or extend your bottom times. Use these skills along with one of our wreck penetration courses learn how to safely enter ship wrecks and explore them.

If you wish to see what lies beneath the surface of the earth, then Cavern and Cave will be an exciting learning adventure. Journey beneath the surface of some of the most beautiful springs in Florida and beyond. With gin clear waters and a constant temperature of around 72*F, Cavern diving offers the first step into the underground world. If you are curious as to what is around the next corner of Cavern then you may advance to Cave. Cave diving unlocks miles and miles of passageway beneath Florida to dive. If you love to travel, there are many other countries, including Mexico, that offer spectacular caverns and caves to dive with a different experience in every single one.

A fun and exciting world of adventure awaits you with technical diving possibilities. Orlando Scuba will get your started on your journey!

Technical Course List