cavediveCave divers everywhere will tell you many stories of the fun, excitement and mystery they experience while diving in caves around the world. Cave Diving is one of the last frontiers of the sport of diving, going where very few humans are able to go or ever see. Florida is the perfect place to learn about cave diving. With waters at a constant 72*F, year-round warm weather and many dozens of caves to explore, you will never grow tired of exploring the miles of cave passage under our state. Orlando Scuba offers those who have completed their Cavern certification and want to see what’s around the next corner the opportunity to do so. Your training builds off the foundation of skills learned in Cavern and actually puts them to use. We will teach you safety, conservation and much more as you explore further into the earth. Much of what you learn will be able to be used in cave systems around the world.

  • What We Teach:

    • Body Posture and Trim
    • Cave Navigation
    • Gas Management
    • Equipment Configuration
    • Communication
    • Cave Environment
    • Cave Conservation
    • Cave Etiquette
  • Course Requirements:

    • Cavern Diver certification
    • Competency of Skills
    • 75 logged dives (depending on agency)

Minimum Age: 15-18 (depending on agency)