caverndiveOrlando Scuba’s Cavern course offers the certified open water diver a first glimpse into the truly amazing and beautiful world of underwater caves. This course allows the diver to explore that portion of the cave system that is within the daylight zone. You have the opportunity to experience this environment in a controlled setting to determine if diving in an over head environment is for you.  This class is also a great way to segway into wreck penetration and full cave certifications.

As the Cavern Diver course serves as an extension of open water diving and your first introduction to an overhead environment, most open water dive gear is sufficient for this course with a few minor changes in configuration. In addition to standard open water gear, there are some additional equipment requirements.

Any aspiring Technical Diver should have above-average buoyancy control skills and a high degree of comfort in the water as in-water skills include a no-mask swim along a guideline and air-share while under simulated zero visibility conditions. Due to the risks involved with diving an overhead environment, only those students who meet specific performance criteria will be considered for certification in this program.

Whether you decide to pursue additional cave or other Technical training, or not the knowledge and experience gained in a Cavern course will serve to greatly improve your open water dive skills and awareness.

The Cavern course requires a minimum of two and a half days, 4hrs of classroom time and two (very full) days of diving to accomplish the four dives needed for completion.

* Please contact a Stuart Scuba over head environment instructor to discuss dive experience when considering this level of training.

Training Agencies Available: TDI, NAUI, IANTD

Cavern Diver $370

  • Cavern Curriculum consists of:

    • Classroom Sessions
    • E-learning material
    • Equipment review & configuration change
    • Surface guideline drill
    • Underwater skills
  • Required Additional Equipment:

    • Two lights, a primary and a back up light
    • Safety Reel
  • Prerequisites:

    • Open Water Diver certification
    • Sufficient number of logged dives

*Double tanks may be used at this level after consultation with your instructor.