Intro to Technical Diving

techdiveintroIntro to Tech is designed to introduce divers into the exciting word of technical diving. Orlando Scuba will help prepare you for future technical courses by giving you an introduction to to various types of technical gear, streamlined gear configurations and mastery of buoyancy control.

Intro to Technical Diving Program

  • What We Teach:

    • Technical diving equipment
    • Technical gear configurations
    • Dive planning
    • Gas analyzing
    • Switching and isolating malfunctioning regulators
    • Air-sharing with long hose through restrictions
  • Course Requirements:

    • Open Water Certification
    • Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Certification
    • Proof of a minimum of 25 logged dives
    • Proof of a minimum of 10 logged EANx dives (depending on agency)

Age Minimum: 15-18+ (depending on agency)