techdiveeqptTrimix is the next step beyond Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures. You have learned how to add additional Oxygen to your gax mix for longer bottom times at depth. Now you will be learning to dive even deeper by adding Helium to your gas mix.

  • What We Teach:

    • Applied Sciences pertaining to planned decompression diving, off-gasing, oxygen toxicity, hypoxia, and other physical and mental subjects
    • Diving equipment related to staged decompression, equipment rigging for stage tanks, handing extra manifolds, regulators, and other equipment needed for staged decompression
    • Contingency planning
    • Decompression dive planning
    • Gas switching
    • Creating custom dive tables
    • Gas blending procedures
    • Gas selection and optimal decompression gas choices
    • Safely diving from 130-200ft (depending on agency)
  • Course Requirements:

    • Advanced Nitrox and Decompression certifications
    • 100-150 logged dives (depending on agency)

Minimum Age: 18+